Redpiper Andrei Oltean – young and passionate

Andrei Oltean was the youngest musician ever that decided to become a redpiper. When only fifteen years old his family rewarded him for his good school grades by fulfilling the long-lasting wish of Andrei to get a bagpipe. At this time he had already been playing the recorder for two years.

It turned out to be a good investment. Andrei is a young man very paasionate about music. His main project is a black metal band called Prohod where he’s playing the redpipe and is also the singer of the band. But there are also other projects in which Andrei involves as a live musician such as ‘God’ or ‘WarChant, which both are folk metal bands. Andrei loves to write his own music and if the new songs don’t fit with any of his projects he publishes them under his own name. It was his love for folk metal music that let the young boy to learning an instrument. Eight years old he started playing the recorder learning tunes from his favourite bands Arkona, Eluveitie; Koorpiklani or Finntroll just by ear but he was also interested in other genres like classical music.

This autodidactic way of exploring music let Andrei discover the infinite possibilities in the musical creation process and so he was always looking for the right instrument to express himself in as many facets as possible. So – having seen one of his idols, Päde Kistler from Eluveitie plaing a redpipe – he decided to get a redpipe Avalon as this electronic bagpipe offers a variety of features that broadens the field of use. Most important for Andrei was the fact that with his redpipe he has got four different bagpipe sounds in one instrument: Great Highland Bagpie, Scottish Smallpipe, Medieval bagpipe and Gaita. Another big advantage for a musician playing in such different projects is the ability to tune the redpipe. This made it possible for Andrei to play along with other bands without restrictions due to the tonality. Another quite practical reason was that Andrei did not want to bother about detuning problems that acoustic bagpipes often show under different climatic conditions.

And further – bagpipe players know well about this topic – redpipes allow the playing with earphones. „That’s a vital feature when you have neighbours“, Andrei says, „trust me!“

Andrei believes in a good future for folk metal music in Romania even if the scene is still quite weak at the moment. But Andrei sees great potential in the rich traditon of Romanian folklore music. At least he is already playing with the two leading acts on the scene: GOD and WarChant.

We look forward to hearing and seeing more of this talented young musician.


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