The redpipe OpticalTouch-Chanter – innovation goes on

Interview with Rolf Jost about the redpipe chanter 2.0

redpipes OpticalTouch Chanter

1. Rolf, the new OpticalTouch chanter will be available which already generates great interest. A lot of questions are beeing raised about this little sensation. We want to answer some of the most urgent questions with this interview. What is new about this chanter?

R.J.: This chanter has holes like every piper knows from an acoustic pipe and they are of the same size. The first redpipe chanter has electronical sensors on the chanter instead of holes the new one has optical sensors just below the holes that will detect which hole is closed and which not.

2. What are the main advantages of this chanter?

R.J: Well this is different for players. There were always customers that wished to have the same feeling when playing the chanter and with the electronical sensors the feeling is a little different as they are flat and smaller than the holes from other pipes. Thus it will be easier for players to change from an acoustic pipe to a redpipe. Another topic for some pipers has been that they had some problems with hands too dry or too damp. This is no topic anymore with the new chanter. Also the topic of electrical noise that may arise on stage due to grounding problems and which had to be solved by using a DI-box are eliminated.

3. Can I upgrade my redpipe with the new chanter and if so how?

Mounting the new chanter to your redpipe is possible – at least with all models that have been manufatured during the last two years. You will recognize if your redpipe is able to work with the new chanter when you have a red and a green LED on the control panel (older pipes only have a red one). But you must send your redpipe to us for this procedure because there are some cables that have to bee connected between the chanter and the  electronics in the bag and that must be done in a way that makes sure that the bag is totally air-proof. Also there has to be an exchange of the software. 

4. Will the old chanter still be available?

Yes it will. The redpipe customer may choose which chanter he prefers. And additionally there will be four different types of chanter you can choose from: a GHB-chanter, a French-chanter with a second thumb-hole, a medieval chanter and a Gaita chanter made of wood which is also very nice.

The fact that we will keep both solutions availbale shows that the solutions we provide are long-term solutions and innovation is done carefully.


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