The next step redpipes classic S

A lot of bagpipers are really happy about the advantages of our redpipes and the additional functionality we delivered so far.

Firstly, it was the preset memory to store sounds, fingerings, and keys and make these settings available by turning a rotary switch.

Secondly, the OpticalTouch chanter provides a better authentic feeling for the piper and solves the problem of dry/damp fingers,which comes up with metal sensors

and now
the built-in speaker for our classic S model.

The built-in speaker is a request of many of our customers. It is about playing the redpipe without taking care of additional equipment. The availabilty of digital class D amplifiers made this possible. These small and lightweight amps deliver great sound and volume combined with a moderate power consumption. You can have fun up to four hours with one set of AA batteries. Just use rechargeable ones.

The redpipe classic S is a great option for playing at home or in a small band and you can modify the sound volume just as you like.

The built-in speaker is an add-on feature, i.e. all the other output devices like sound systems, earphones and MIDI can be used as well.

The redpipe classic and the redpipe classic air are now available with a built-in speaker.
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-unpack – switch on – play-

Our friend and consultant Konan Mevel told us:
The built-in speaker function makes my composing job easier. I am really excited about it. A great tool“.


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